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Oy Christina! Big Band Scores

Posted in music by Jeff on August 22, 2011

From 2002 to 2006, I led a 15-piece jazz orchestra.  I wrote charts for the top 40 pop hits of the day, which ranged from swing to funk to outright satire.  You can listen to the full studio album here.

I created the individual parts in Lime, a very friendly music notation program available from the Cerl Sound Group.  (You can download it for a free trial.)  I worked from handwritten score sketches; unfortunately I no longer have those to make available.  (And if I did, I’m not sure they’d be usable by anyone but me.)

Most of the charts are scored for 15 pieces: 4 trumpets, 3 trombones, 4 saxes (2 altos, tenor, bari), and rhythm (usually 2 guitars, bass, drums).  Sometimes I only created a single rhythm section part.  Some of the charts were scored multiple times for different size groups; in those cases, the filenames should make that clear.

I can’t speak for the original composers and lyricists of these songs, but you have my permission to use these scores for whatever purposes you want.  If you perform any of them, I want to hear about it–and I want to hear a recording!

Click the links to download a .zip file with the full parts for each chart:

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